I agree to pick up the CSA box/basket at the agreed upon location and time. If basket is not picked up within the stated time or prior arrangements have not been made, I understand that week’s basket will be forfeited, contents donated to a family in need.

I understand that I can arrange for others to pick up my basket in my absence with prior notification to Codiac Organics.

I understand that Codiac Organics will be closed on holidays and I will be given sufficient notice as to when these will occur.

If for any reason, such as holidays, inclement weather, family emergencies, etc., Codiac Organics cannot fulfill the weekly basket order, I will be notified as soon as possible. At this occurrence, Codiac Organics will provide additional items to me the following week or will just add one week on to my subscription.

I understand that the variety of items in each basket depend on growing conditions and availability.

I understand that I cannot cancel the subscription and expect a refund since the farm would have already put forward the financial and employee commitments.  However, if notification is given of an unusual circumstance, Codiac Organics agrees to assist the CSA Subscriber in attempting to have another family take over the CSA Share, at which time a partial refund may be possible.  Codiac Organics does not guarantee success in finding another subscriber but will assist in anyway they can.